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Joe BorscheHello! I'm Joe Borsche, and I created Original PhotoBook. The idea was hatched in 2003 after one of my dear aunts, Cy, passed away. After the funeral, her daughter, Michelle, impressed me with an incredible photo album her mom had given her. The photo album included generations of photographs, including my parents as children, and many other family members, alive and deceased. What a collection! At this point, I realized these family pictures needed to be preserved. My cousins all wanted their own copies of the photographs, as did I. What's more, some of the older pictures were in a deteriorating state, which made me realize just how valuable and precious they were. How could I organize, preserve and share these cherished family photos for my own children? And for my future grandchildren?

With a background in computers and web applications, I began working on a password-protected photo web site to house our family pictures from the past, along with new ones I would continue to take. Each picture was stored in a database of searchable information. I could then collect and enter information associated with each picture — this information would then appear with each picture stored on the web site. I also saw the need for photo information to be updated as time passed, sometimes correcting or added additional information.

Alex wants to play 1989I began preserving our family pictures by creating a digital album featuring my grandparents. This "PhotoBook" contained all the pictures we could find of Grandpa Joe and Grandma Mary, and all their children. To keep albums from getting too big, a new "PhotoBook" was started for each child once they were married or had started families of their own. As a result, each "PhotoBook" featured a set of parents and the children living at home. This worked great for a long time and is still my preferred way to organize my family photos.

Over time, I created "PhotoBooks" highlighting specific events or moments in time — like pictures of my father from when he served in World War II, or pictures of me from my days in the U.S. Army. My children's school pictures, soccer games and dance recitals became the subjects of many more "PhotoBooks" I would create as the years went by. With every photo stored, I can save vital information for future generations — where and when it was taken, and which family members are in each photo. What a difference from struggling to read and decipher hastily scribbled words from long ago!

Ted's new truck for the farm circa 1920Original PhotoBook is the result of my years exploring the best and most convenient ways to store and organize my own family photos online. It is my hope that Original PhotoBook will be as valuable to you and your family as it has to me and mine. I can tell you, it sure beats rummaging through dusty boxes and aging family photo albums!

Happy PhotoBooking!
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Getting a rest somewhare in the South Pacific during WWII
Getting a rest somewhare in the South Pacific during WWII

Hortonville Brewing Co - Circa 1905
Hortonville Brewing Co - Circa 1905