Protect your family's photographic history

Archive your family photographic historyOriginal PhotoBook archives and protects your family's photographic history. By uploading your family photos to our secure online database, you'll protect them for natural disasters, accidents, theft, computer failure and a host of other potential losses.

Archive now before it's too late
If you are like most people, most of your photos are stored on your home or laptop computer. This is not the best place to store your family's photographic history, and backups can be easily lost or destroyed. Take action now to protect your precious family memories. While we can't protect other types of data, rest assured your family photos are safe with Original PhotoBook!

Quality preservation and backups
Each photo you upload is stored at its original size and format, preserving its resolution and quality. Whenever you or a family member chooses to download a photo or album, the originals are always preserved at their full size. We encourage family members to download photos as an additional backup. This will guarantee that both you and your cousin in another state have copies of your most important photos. If one copy is lost, another will still be available. Plus, every uploaded photo will still be archived at Original PhotoBook!

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Winter transportation in Hortonville, WI - Circa 1905
Winter transportation in Hortonville, WI - Circa 1905