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Preserving your family's photos might seem like an overwhelming task. But the longer you wait, the bigger it will become. It's the old adage: "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." With Original PhotoBook, you will save time while having fun creating your family photo albums online! Try our Sample Site to see how it works.

Account AdministratorAccount Administrator and User Logins
Every account requires a Account Administrator. This person provides login access to other family members and allows different levels of access for every photo album: 'None', 'View' or 'Update'. This allows the Account Administrator to control who can see and update photos stored in a PhotoBook.

Original PhotoBook is a family-friendly web site. Each family account is password protected with individual logins for each user. Users are encouraged to participate by adding new photos and/or by filling in missing information for family photos already uploaded. Often a family member will recall where a picture was taken, or the name of a previously "anonymous" person. With "Update" access, a user can simply log in, find the album and update the picture accordingly.

Creating and Sharing Photo Albums
In addition to creating PhotoBooks to share with the whole family, users can also select photos contained in several PhotoBooks to create their own Personal Albums. Each user can create any number of Personal Albums containing photos from any PhotoBook to which they have access. This allows users to store and organize copies of uploaded photos in their own customized albums. These personal albums can also be printed for personal use or to give to others as gifts.

Searching Your Photo Albums
Original PhotoBook features an easy-to-use search function, helping you quickly locate photos of specific people or photos taken within a specific timeframe. Let's say you're looking for all photos of "Uncle Ernie" between 1955 and 1965. The search function allows you to search by name, place, date and keyword to track down photos across all accessible PhotoBooks.

This function also serves as a reminder for family members to preserve family memories by adding as much information as possible to every photo, including names, dates, places, events, stories and other unique details. Future generations will enjoy a digitally-preserved and complete family photo history — accessible for years to come!

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Printing and Downloading
Since the purpose of Original PhotoBook is to share and preserve your irreplaceable family photos, you can choose to download individual photos — or even complete albums — directly to your computer at any time! Once downloaded, your photos can be printed, organized into a slide show or copied to a CD, DVD, your Cloud, flash drive or hard drive for easy backup. Now, any member of the family can own copies of all the photos they wish to save!

Original PhotoBook also offers print services, creating unique Personal Albums selected by family members. We offer two types of printed photo albums: hard cover and spiral bound. Call us at 630-310-8612 for details and pricing.

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Summer vacation at Turkey Run State Park 1991
Summer vacation at Turkey Run State Park 1991

Jane Smith in tree - Circa 1925
Jane Smith in tree - Circa 1925

Jack Jones after clearing the smow in Rockford, IL in1977
Jack Jones after clearing the smow in Rockford, IL in1977