Privacy Policy

The information collected to subscribe and/or to sign in to the Original PhotoBook service is intended for User login and for the Account Administrator and/or the System Administrator to contact Users. This information will not be sold or given to any third party by Borsche Digital, LLC. The Account Administrator is also prohibited from providing any User information to any other person. Borsche Digital, LLC may send e-mail newsletters and/or system update information to all Users of the Original PhotoBook Service, unless they have indicated they do not wish to receive the newsletter and information. This can be changed by each User by "updating" their personal information.

Note: Account Administrators are required to receive the newsletters and informational e-mails, as this will be the primary way Borsche Digital, LLC will communicate with Account Administrators.

Access to the Original PhotoBook service is password protected. Each Account Administrator and User will be responsible for keeping their login information private. It is strongly suggested that no family member share their username and/or password with ANYONE. The Account Administrator(s) cannot see any User passwords, but they can reset a User's password which will generate an e-mail to the User containing a new temporary password.

Credit card processing for the Original PhotoBook service is all done through PayPal's secure site. Borsche Digital, LLC does not collect any credit card information directly. All payments to Borsche Digital, LLC are to be made in U.S. dollars by check, money order or credit card through PayPal.

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