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Share your family photos!Most families keep their most precious photo albums buried in the basement, or hidden away in a closet. That seems like a big waste to me. Family photos were meant to be shared! Unlike most photos taken today, older photographs cannot be shared without first scanning and uploading them digitally. Original PhotoBook makes this process easy and affordable. Once uploaded, you can share these special photos with family members anywhere!

Sharing Moments in Time
Beyond sharing your family photos, Original PhotoBook makes it easy to document and share important photo details. By sharing your photos with other users, family members are encouraged to contribute by filling in missing photo information, including names, dates and locations. Remember, when a relative passes away, so do precious photo memories. Now, the entire family can work together to document your family photo history.

Creating Your Family Photo History
If you are the keeper of old photos of your family, then Original PhotoBook is a great way to organize and preserve them in digital format. Your family will be forever grateful for taking the first step. And because your photos are stored on a family web site, you can collaborate with relatives near and far. With the entire family sharing photos, you are well on your way to building and preserving a complete family photo history.

Remember, Original PhotoBook is not just for housing old photographs, but for sharing and saving new photos as well. Once uploaded, your photos are available to family members for viewing and for downloading their own copies. Visit our Sample Site to see how simple the system is to use. Discover how fun and easy family photo sharing can be!

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Working the onion fields - Circa 1925
Working the onion fields - Circa 1925